Our Terms of Service is considered an agreement between the user and Nodelancer, which means any act by the user such as, and not limited to, purchasing our token, using our website, mobile application, or any of our services is a consent from the user to Nodelancer’s Terms of Use guide.

Illegal and Prohibited Use

You agree that you will not use Nodelancer’s mobile application, site or any of its services for any prohibited act such as, but not limited to, money laundering, financing terrorism, scam, fraud and tax evasion. You warrant not to use cause any damage to the site through any acts of hacking, viruses, SQL exploits or any other means that could yield any damage of data or functionality of Nodelancer’s site or platform.

Damages Caused by malfunctions in the Internet or in Blockchain

Nodelancer uses all available protection tools to prevent or lower the impact of any attack, but in some occasions, we may be subject to some problems that are out of control. In the event of an attack or hacking attempt on Nodelancer Site or its Tokens, we have the right to immediately intervene to halt all our Services provided through the mobile application or website. If it is determined that such an attack caused an associated Token to rapidly lose value or otherwise cause or threaten to cause damage to the Site, or other users, Nodelancer may immediately discontinue all activity regarding to such Coin entirely at its discretion. Nodelancer will deal with an attack on Tokens through case-by-case basis. We are only responsible for any lost value or stolen property in the case that it was due carelessness act from Nodelancer’s administration.

Purchase of Tokens

The User can buy Tokens by transferring cryptocurrencies to the wallet address provided by a third-party payment platform. Nodelancer may change the payments method, where all the needed information about Tokens at your disposal will appear in your Account at the time of the transaction. Users can only start buying Tokens during the official token sale announced on our website, which means adhering to the respective Terms of Token Sale.

Distribution of Tokens

Purchased Tokens shall be distributed to your account and in order for you to withdraw Tokens from your Account, you would be required to provide an address for a digital wallet, which supports ERC-20 tokens. The security of the wallet or vault is the sole responsibility of the user. That means Nodelancer has nothing to do with any loss to your private keys or inability to log in to your purchased Tokens.


The user may not copy, publish or distribute any material published on Nodelancer and attributed to the site without mentioning its source, and Nodelancer reserves all legal rights to sue anyone who violates this requirement, in accordance with intellectual property laws. The user is prohibited to use or alter any content on Nodelancer except after obtaining the written permission of Nodelancer and the copyright owner if third party or on his behalf.